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Rev. John Ferret from Light of Menorah Ministries,
will be doing the sermon on Chanukah and Christmas.  They are not connected at all - or, are they? They are both "man made" holidays. They both happen in December. One is clearly a Jewish feast and the other is Christian.  So, they do have something in common - sort of. Is there more?
Does Chanukah have anything to do with believers in Jesus?
If you were a disciple of Jesus walking with Him daily, how might have you understoo...d the statements Jesus made about His return in Matthew 24?  Would these statements remind them of an important event in the history of Israel?  It more than likely did - the revolt of the Maccabees!!
Come and learn and delight in our Savior and Lord - HE IS COMING AGAIN!

Saturday 11/24 at Emmaus Lutheran in Bloomington at 10 a.m. lower level east door.
We will also live stream the sermon. For those not able to attend.


We are a church that studies the Bible!

Each Sabbath Pastor Greg or Advisor Pastor Dale bring a message God has put on their hearts.  We go through a book of the Bible or a sermon series with a refreshing interactive pace.  Questions are OK at Grace!  The youth attend the entire service and we always have a youth message and a song for them.  Our members attend studies outside of our church such as BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), Precepts and Reverend John Ferret teachings from Light of Menorah Ministries (call or text 612-850-7582).  We encourage outside Bible Conferences as well as our own denominational conferences.   We love God's Word at Grace!

Our Sabbath (Saturday) worship service begins at 10:00 AM and lasts until about 11:30 AM.  Our services include worship music in different styles, solid Bible teaching and life application preaching. You will find us to be a caring congregation that loves the Word of God, worship, praise and prayer for the needs of our congregation.  We have a fellowship meal each Sabbath.

Grace Seventh Day Baptist Church meets in the lower level Youth Room at Emmaus Lutheran Church, 8443 Second Avenue South, Bloomington, MN three blocks east of Nicollet Avenue South.  Our entrance is around the right side of the front door, there are signs to direct you to our door.  There is plenty of parking with direct entrance to our worship center.

Please click on our Beliefs Button below and you will be able to read a good history of the Seventh Day Baptist Faith and much information about our beliefs.  Both English and Spanish versions are included.

Grace is a place your walk with God will have new meaning

as you better understand His will and His ways !

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