Grace Seventh Day Baptist Church

A Baptist Church With a Difference

          Passover 2017

 For 2018 and going forward we will have Passover in our homes. 

Our Pastors teach each week and we often bring in other great preachers and teachers to help us know Christ better.  Pastor Bill Shobe from Dodge Center Church recently taught on healing.  He is coming again soon.  Reverend John Ferret has taught on Hebrew Heritage several times and is coming again.  Doctor Dennis Engolfsland has been with us and presented his newest book with good discussion and questions.  Our church will always teach and be taught by God's Word.

We support the SDB General Conference and the Conference focus throughout the United States and abroad.  This past summer several Conference leaders attended our church and we rejoiced together for the good work God is doing through SDB Churches all over the world.  We receive mission updates weekly and through the monthly Sabbath Recorder. 

Pastor Greg gives a youth lesson

 Pentecost/Shavout picnic 2017

At Grace Seventh Day Baptist we have quarterly board meetings after our service and fellowship meal on Sabbath. Great way for people to sit in and know what Grace Seventh Day Baptist is about.  Members and non members attend. 

We also have communion before we start our meeting

Pastor Bill from Dodge Center

teaches about God's healing power.

We are about missions and caring about God's entire Kingdom near and far.  We support work going on in Turkey and our Pastor and his wife have studied and worked in Israel several times.  We are a small church with a huge passion to know more about God and grow closer to Him!  

About Us .....

We are about the work of the Father.  We are about teaching the Word of God and the love of God for all people.  We teach and are taught by our pastors, guest pastors, conference pastors and regional conferences.