We invite you to visit our church!

Sabbath is truly a day set apart for God

  • His Word
  • His music
  • Fellowship of His people! 
  • ​Enjoy a small lunch with us after services!​


Each Sabbath we have interesting bulletins.

Grace Seventh Day Baptist Church has lots of activities! 

Each Sabbath we have a Fellowship meal and study.  We have group discussions and video teaching.  We have activities for the children both in our worship area and a large gym or nursery.  We have "offsite" activities at our homes that range from pizza night to full meals and music for Sukkot.  Several of our congregation attend John Ferret, Light of Menorah, class in the winter and other events in our area.  Occasionally we carpool to Dodge Center Church for meetings or events. 

Sabbath Day Memories

Grace Seventh Day Baptist Church

A Baptist Church With a Difference